The main two questions I get asked the most frequently about Beacon are variations on:

1) What does Beacon do?

2) Why did you start Beacon?

Both questions have similar answers at their core – Helping People.

I’ll answer the second question first. I started Beacon because I saw a need in our community that was not being met. While South Louisiana has many supports and services for neighbors in need, it was hard to figure out how to access those resources. I am a lifelong helper, so I figured out a way to help that turned into Beacon Community Connections. Beacon provides a trained professional to help connect neighbors to resources to meet their needs and provide follow-up care to ensure that the needs is resolved and no other needs are present. It is an effective blend of guidance and empowerment that I am very proud of. If you want to know more about the Beacon story, listen to the Robinson Ventures Radio podcast linked below. If you want to know more about me, scroll to the bottom of the newsletter, I finally agreed to be the Beacon employee highlighted this month.