For a parent, the beginning of a new school year is a busy time. There are lengthy lists of supplies to be bought, along with backpacks and new uniforms needed to replace last year’s worn or outgrown supply. It can be daunting, but especially challenging for a single parent and even more so for one who contracts COVID just a week before the start of school. This is exactly the situation Ms. N found herself in prior to hearing about Beacon’s Together in Quarantine program. Faced with the prospect of working fewer hours at her job and thus a smaller paycheck, Ms. N placed a call to Beacon and was connected to a Community Resource Specialist (CRS), who focused on supporting Ms. N and her family through her illness. On day one, her CRS sent groceries directly to the home so Ms. N would not have to go out or worry about providing food for her family. Her CRS then focused on finding school supplies, backpacks, and school uniforms for Ms. N’s two children. The search was a successful one. Ms. N recovered and was able to send her children to school fully-equipped and full of excitement about a new school year. Though Ms. N’s time as a Beacon client was brief, her CRS was happy to have been “Together in Quarantine” with this family.